Descriptive Research Method

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Research is process of finding solution to an identified problem or opportunity through systematic investigation and study. There are seven steps involved in research process. There are many different types of research and the descriptive research is a very powerful methodology to obtain desire outcomes. Descriptive methodology is in which there is no manipulation of research environment. The questionnaire technique is used to collect data and is able to provide a good result.
1. Question One: "Research can be defined as the search for knowledge, or as any systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas, and develop new theories"( Dawes,2008). There are seven
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For example, the main objective is to find out the causes of unemployment.”(Schaeffer & Presser, 2006) The sub objectives will cover to find out the factors affecting it, like age group, geographical, cultural. The main and sub objectives must be well defined and precise so the research process is smooth and fast. The third step is developing the research design. One has to decide apt design depending on the time constraints, financial constraints and the skill set available. It is very important to calculate and be aware of the cost of research and the available facilities and resources. “The design should be good enough to collect the evidences required for a successful research with…show more content…
There are different kinds of research designs and few are, exploratory, descriptive, diagnosis and experimentation” (Vikat, et al, 2007). For example, to get the answer for percentage of unemployment one needs to use exploratory design which includes observation and majorly descriptive one that which will carry out a survey and provide the desired results. The fourth step is to prepare research proposal. The research proposal should have a holistic definition and approach towards research. One should spend enough time and understand the requirements and develop a proposal. “In general a proposal should contain an introduction which talks about the central research problem or opportunity and also its significance and the impact of outcomes proposed” (Hunt, et al, 1982). It must also contain a background and literature review details. Different sources of information should be used. Also mention different research design methods used and referred and should end with conclusion and also include the bibliography. The fifth step is data collection and can be done in many different ways which includes data collection by observation, through telephonic interview, through personal interview, by emailing the
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