Atletico Madrid Short Story

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The roar from the crowd shook the whole stadium as Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal for Real Madrid and the scores were equal 2 all against Atletico Madrid there were 3 minutes left and none of the teams scored and it all comes down to golden goal

the teams were given 10 minutes to score a goal so both teams went back out and started playing again and whoever scored the first goal in the 10 minutes won the game for there team bang Marcelo Vieira passed to Sergio Ramos had a chance to pass the ball to Tony Kroos but Ramos ran half the soccer pitch bang he saw an open option crossed it to Ronaldo

and all of a sudden you hear the power of Ronaldo’s boot striking the ball and bang you can hear the power of the goalies glove smashing
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The players caught the guy that stabbed Ramos but then grabbed him after they checked on Ramos the security took him to the cops then got him arrested and after Ramos started walking the whole crowd outside of there change room started to applause Ramos after he got up and started walking and all of a sudden Ramos just collapsed when he woke up he felt dizzy he didn’t remember anything he forgot who he was and forgot who his family was he only remembered 1 thing and that was to play soccer but it was going to be hard for him cause he didn’t remember his team mates…show more content…
So he went back to playing soccer after a few weeks he was out and wanted to go back onto the field so when it was time Ramos still didn’t remember anything but to play soccer so his first game back all he heard was the sound of the whistle and he blacked out for 10 seconds while he blacked out he started to remember who he was the next blackout was when he had the ball the ball at his feet and was running he gave the ball to Ronaldo and as soon as the ball left his boot smack

he started to remember more about himself and then it came to the winning goal Ramos was in the box and bale crossed it to him and out of nowhere Ramos hit the beautiful glorious bicycle kick straight into the right top corner it was the winning goal by Sergio Ramos and when the final whistle went

all of a sudden Ramos remembered everything all the doctors he went to so he could get his memory back but it didn’t work and as soon as he remembered everything he realized the only way he could start remembering things was when he heard the sounds of being and playing a soccer game

So Ramos went home that night and went to bed with his wife she was so happy for him that he got his memory back as soon as they stopped talking Ramos and his wife went to bed and remembered all the times they spent and shared with each
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