Personal Narrative: My Field Trip To The Court

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As I bigheadly strutted down to my court, I felt so confident in myself. I was playing the third seed because all the seniors were on some field trip. Everything was perfect going into the match, I was even okay with losing this one. I started off not doing too hot, just barely losing. It was my opponent’s turn to serve, and the first ball she served was clearly out, well clear enough from my side. It obviously was in from her eyes, almost no one will lie for a free point in tennis because that is just rude; but she loved to lie. I hear a voice from the peanut gallery: “I saw that that ball was in all the way over here.” This person was sitting way away from the court on the other side of the gate. Later, I discovered that this person was my…show more content…
A great example an involved crowd is the Seattle Seahawks NFL team. According to the Guinness world records, their fans at one point held records for the loudest outdoor stadium. Like the fans heard about most, they show up to games shirtless with paint all over their bodies in the colors of their team, but being louder than all other teams is a great thing. Little things like this are what make sports. I think this one is the craziest one i’ve ever heard. Ed Novelo of “bleacher report” tells us that in the 73rd minute of a soccer game between AC Milan and inter Milan, the goalkeeper was struck with a firework by a fan because the fan was enraged over a disallowed goal. Now, isn’t that just crazy? I think that is way overboard. I mean why would that person even have a firework on them? Getting past security? I don’t understand but I guess that is okay sometimes. My dad was once a professional soccer player, so he knows a lot about crowd interaction. He calls soccer the beautiful sport mainly because it really is but somewhat because the crowd is always involved in cheering on the team. Sometimes the two crowds work together in supporting, singing is one of those ways. Having support like soccer fans are what make it the beautiful sport. Distractions like this are things that soccer players grow into and use it as motivation and knowing that they have

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