Descriptive Storm

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There was a storm rising, the boat began to plunge from side to side and the temperature dipped all of a sudden. We prepared for the unanticipated, brutal storm. There was total darkness as the clouds started to thicken and threatening lightning advanced. The wind came charging the water at high speeds, creating a gigantic wave. The waves grew colossal, as the boat was riding up and down the sea. The strong ocean beneath my feet was creating a huge wave in every direction as it took the boat to the edge of its breaking. It was covering every last ray of light and the thunder snapped through the dense air. Rain began to pour furiously and monstrous waves struck the boat. This storm was the worst I’ve ever seen. Rain fell like bullets, destroying anything and everything in its path. This storm was so powerful, I had to hide in whatever shelter I could hurriedly spot and just hope for the storm to fizzle out. Out of nowhere a loud creaking noise erupted as the gargantuan mast snaps from the sheer power of the wind. I layed there, inches away from death as the forceful power of the wind took me it right into the ocean. I was shaking in fear and couldn’t comprehend what just took place. The boat was heavily damaged and I was terror struck… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by what just happened and just thankful we are alive. Land was closing in but the storm was causing storm was causing a
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