How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay

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It is the middle of July and we are on our vacation to Benidorm to see are cousin as we see them every year. The weather is baking, blazing and boiling but we are still going to enjoy ourselves and are getting ready to sunbath and hope to end up having a marvellous tan so when we get back home we can show it off to are best mates. I imagined a camping site in the mirage but I through I will just imaging it until my sister saw the same thing as me. I overheard the sea waves hit the rock like a hands of the sea pounding on the seashore. The waves crashed like thunder. I swallowed the sourness of my fresh ripe lemon from my auntie fruit tree. I had a whiff of delicious toasted marshmallow burning on the roaring camp-fire. It is our second day on our massive vacation and we are going to try different attractions I catch sight of a theme park so we went in and my sister said “let 's go on the ride” so I said “OK” and we went on the theme park. I made out people cheering as they going down slope on the roller-coaster. I had the mouth-watering taste of the sweetness of the sugar from the pale red candy floss I brought. I hand smelled the scent of people sweat as they get more exited to go one the rides. I could feel the warmness from the beef burger what I am holding. Because we have been good, our parents is going to take us to a mini…show more content…
Our parents took us for a picnic so the fresh air could help is get over our hangover. We had our picnic on the sand that was as soft as a pillow. In the magic beneath a veiled sun. Our picnic was in the midday heat of a tropical sun. I spotted a seagull trying to take off with a fish in his mouth into the blue sky. The sound of the seagull calling for people to give or drop food for them to eat. I had the taste of my mom 's home-made pickled onions. The odour of rotten fish dropping from the sky as the seagull dropped them onto the hot sand. I felt the sea waves getting closer to our
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