Descriptive Writing About Disney World

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A major regret in life, is not taking a Christmas vacation sooner with my family. Attending Disney World for the first time, brought our family closer, enabled us to conquer fears, and left us with memorable impressions. Our vacation consisted of 10 days, to explore roughly 40 square miles of property, spread out over four different parks. Each location conveyed a different emotion with every step. All the trees looked stuffed like a Hawaiian pig with adornments and fairy lights. The luminosity revealed the radiant colors that shimmered off the peculiarly oversized ornaments. Wreaths suspended from every lamp-post, with garland strung between. During the evening the site of sporadic lights, from everyone trying to capture that special moment, are clear. Familiar carols played all through the parks, causing impromptu people to sing along. With snow falling and foot prints dotted across the pathways, walking down Disney’s Main Street brings the holidays to life. While walking down Main Street you can smell fresh popcorn exploding, available in souvenir containers. The R2D2 vessel; standing roughly 4 inches tall, full of plump, salted popcorn was astonishing. On almost every corner of the estate you will find a stand, smoky as a fire pit, vending smoked turkey legs. The briny flavor develops with each bite taken, but be advised, biting off more than you can gnaw, is an often occurrence. Strolling on the streets of Epcot, tasting a vast variety of foods from

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