My Golf Life

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Snow was piling up on the frozen ground. Visibility was slim from the chilly gusts of wind blowing the snow all around. The second lunch bell had just rung and my friends and I were walking down to lunch. It started as a normal lunch. We got to the lunchroom, grabbed our trays, and sat down at our table. Our normal conversation about how our day was going and all the new gossip around the school had started. About five minutes later my friend asked me if I was going to go to the golf meeting today. I sat there, surprised at the thought of her even asking me such a silly question like that.
After about a minute or so of her looking at me waiting for a response, I finally realized that she was serious. It took me no time at all to respond with
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No, it wasn't just because of that moment, but that was where it first started. Looking back now I am so glad I decided to go out for golf. I was so worried that I was going to be absolutely horrible. I soon realized that it was not something easy, it took a lot of hard work. Late nights on the golf course, golfing just about till dark, walking the course and up the big hills. Lots of times causing extreme shoulder and back pain from carrying our heavy clubs. Everyone thinks golf is a lazy sport but I got a lot more exercise than I ever expected. When it is extremely hot, extremely cold, rainy, windy, or even storming we are out there on the golf course golfing. The only time where we don't go out and golf is when it is lightening. It takes a lot of dedication, something I learned and picked up on as the season went…show more content…
I surprised myself by getting to golf varsity as the fourth golfer out of six. I accomplished this by putting in many long hours to become the best golfer I could be. I even placed first out of all the other girls at a meet. I will never forget that magical moment. The sound of my teammates and coach cheering as they heard my name being called out. I sat there in complete shock while secretly freaking out inside because I couldn't believe that out of all the other talented girls, I got first. Now that was not the only reason I am glad that I went out for golf. I am grateful for all the amazing people I met along the way. We also get to golf for free, ride golf carts, make amazing memories with my teammates that will last a lifetime, and of course the important life values I learned along the
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