Descriptive Writing About Soccer

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One hot Saturday afternon, the sun were blazing in the bright blue sky like a big fireball. The birds were chirping merrily and there was a gentle breeze, which sent the trees swaying. Ashton was a young boy who enjoyed playing soccer. He was wearing his favourite soccer jersey. After lunch, Ashton and his friends felt bored so they decided to play soccer. They met in the afternoon and Ashton brought his new soccer ball, which cost ten dollars, along for the game.

The nearby park was closed for maintenance so Ashton led everyone to his backyard instead. After an intensive warm-up exercise, they started practising for the upcoming inter-class soccer match and were determined on winning. “We have to defeat 5 Awesome this time round,” they chanted as they kicked the ball from player to player, each hoping they would not destroy any of Ashton’s mother’s plants and vegetation. Ashton knew deep in his heart that they ought not to play at the backyard. He remembered how he had accidentally shattered the glass window a few years back. “No, I won’t be that unlucky again,” he muttered to himself as he gave a forceful kick, which sent the ball flying across the field and straight past the goalkeeper. GOAL!

The cheers from the scoring team was deafening but suddenly, a shrill voice pierced through those
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He inched towards the door, peering in through the broken window, trying to avoid the glass shards on the ground. To his horror, he witnessed his younger sister lying on the floor in a pool of fresh red blood. She had been in the house completing her homework while her brother and his friends played soccer. Her arms were bleeding profusely and she was grimacing in pain. She must have been cut by a shard of glass after the window was shattered, sending sharp fragments of glass flying across the
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