Descriptive Writing Facing The Giant

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Facing A Giant At the upper east side of the City of San Diego, there stood a gentle giant by the name of Cowles. Standing at 1,592 feet, he towered over everyone and everything in the Southern Californian city. This mighty, green, hairy beast was extremely generous toward the people of San Diego for he allowed almost anyone to mount him so that people can see the beauty of the city he stood guard of. They said that if you have enough strength and perseverance to reach the top of his head, Cowles the Giant will give you a glimpse of the Western World, fulfilling as an unbroken promise and stunning as the stars in the night sky. One July morning, I finally decided to pay this mighty guardian of San Diego a visit. I stood at the foot of Cowles the Giant, determined to conquer him and redeem the grand prize at the end of my quest. With a bottle of water in one hand and my trusty face towel on the other, I began hiking. As I began my humble pursuit, I noticed that I wasn’t the only Jack trying to get a golden egg. Ordinary people wanted to come up to the highest peak of the city and each of us tackled the quest differently. I first came across a group of runners. They were quick on their feet while I was taking each step slowly in the fear of slipping on a treacherous slope. Their steps were precise like those of a deer, prancing away to escape from becoming a lion’s meal. The runners were the professional conquerors who looked like they have climbed up Cowles the Giant more

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