Short Summary: Chasing Montana

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Fire breaks (Chasing Montana) Introduction The narrative called chasing the Montana is written by Lori. She writes this story to tell the history of her grandparents, William Soderlind and his wife, Florence. The couples packed everything they had and moved to Rapelje back in 1916. In the story, Lori resigns from her reporting job to trace the footsteps of her ancestors. On reaching Rapelje and other regions of Montana, Lori’s life changes (Soderlind 15). What one experience can I further describe to offer an understanding of a changed point of view or a new perspective on an old issue? In the narrative, one of the experiences I realize is that the book contains emotional and funny temptation. At…show more content…
She was frustrated and ended up staying with her friends. Where will I use descriptive writing? I will use descriptive writing in the in the place Lori lived. According to the text, it is clearly described that she lived with four roommates. The building was an aluminum sided house that could accommodate two families located in Morristown. The room had a large front entry jumbled with empty boxes. The flowers had dust as she sat on the wall that had a discarded seat (Soderlind 48). What strategy will I use to close my essay? In this article, I will use the strategy of leaving a final impression on the reader. I will give an idea that guides the reader on how to choose friends and how to make decisions. When we look at the Lori’s case, it is evident that due top wrong choice of decisions and too much love for her friend led to her sufferings. What will I reveal? According to this narrative, it is revealed that, Lori and Madeleine, traveled to South Dakota to see the mount, Rushmore. Through their journey, the topic of what they started discussing turned to sex. Lori’s friend started counting a list of more than ten of her past lovers (Soderlind 69). What will I not
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