Descriptive Writing On A Boat Ride

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“What a great day for a boat ride,” I thought to myself. It is a cozy warm, shorts and short sleeve shirt day at the time that people are arriving onto the big bulky catamaran. The sky is light blue with some dainty see-through clouds and a slight warm western breeze. I am located on one of the tropical islands of Hawaii, Kauai. The glossy white surface of the boat is blinding because of the reflection from the early evening sun. Teeth showing grins from children, parents, and grandparents appear, looking as if it were Christmas morning. There are three workers onboard the forty-foot boat, which include two guys and a girl appearing to be in their thirties. There is a scraggly, grey bearded old man behind the silver steering wheel on the second…show more content…
The smooth wave pool tides follow behind the boat as it leaves the harbor and into the Pacific Ocean. The vessel has a second deck with five rows of white glossy benches with no shelter from the sunlight where you can also find the captain in the bridge of the ship. Once the boat hits the wide open ocean, there are five-foot waves with a slight wind. A big black thunderous cloud is on the far, far horizon. Everyone aboard the ship is swiftly jolting from handrail to handrail because the boats unsteady sway. The captain of the boat turns on the song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. It is the perfect song for the occasion. Right away, people start making their way to the dinner for all of the passengers on the boat, which included bland white rice and chicken. After eaten, the bland food was not settling very well.
An hour and a half had passed, and now the boat was swaying harder and harder from side to side. The black thunderous black clouds that had originally been seen on the horizon to the west had finally made its presence to the boat. The eyes on everyone started looking like they were in a drunk daze, because of the momentus rock. It only took a few minutes from the nice wave-pool type waves to transfer into what was now fifteen-foot waves and a downpour of large heavy stinging raindrops. Turmoil and regret as to why the captain had let us out entered my mind, even though I had
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Children faces are bright red with tears rolling down their cheeks, while some were scream crying. As being an eighth grader, I am not ready for this type of situation. Scared to my core, I am actually thinking that the boat is going to sink and I am going to DIE TODAY. The captain is the only one on the second level of the ship, while most of the passengers are down on the bottom floor hurling everywhere. I finally could not take the sights and sounds of people puking so I closed my eyes and plugged my ears with two pointer fingers for most of the way back. The same pattern of up and down, up and down, up and down went on for what seemed to be a full day, but what was only an hour and a half. The rain, waves, water, kids crying, boat knocking us like a pinball machine, puking yellow slime, finally stopped after an hour and a half as the knocked up ship had finally made its way to the safe
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