Descriptive Writing On Homelessness

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It all happened three years ago. On the 11th of March 2011, 6:30 pm, when a savaging earthquake hit the north-east of the country, causing a shocking view of continuous water waves that suddenly and from nowhere, started sweeping across the shore. I was thirteen years old when it had begun. At that time, I was sitting in my room, reading comic books, when the freezing water smashed the windows and burst into the room. For a moment, it all seemed unreal to me, but as soon as the salty water rushed into my mouth and eyes, I knew that something was going horribly wrong. I tasted the furious flavour of fear, as it swiftly started to build up rapidly through my veins. The aggressive water quickly hurried into the room and began to fill it…show more content…
Water still battling everything that would stand in its way as taught by nature. Leaving dozens of people killed, and a lot more homeless. Sky is filled up with helicopters. Helplessly watching the sight from up, trying to warn people to leave their homes. Loud mikes calling for evacuation. As I look across the other roofs around me, I could see many people waiting anxiously as they observed their valuable belongings, as the water vanishes it from the view. Some people watch their houses as they get destroyed, as the heartless waves smash into its exposed walls, while others helplessly watch their relatives drown and be brushed away by the brutal waves, after several minutes of suffering. Agony in their cheerless eyes could be noticed clearly. The sharp smell of fear dominates the place; along with the loud, fearful screams of the terrified neighbours as they cry, “We lost everything. Hell is on Earth”. I believe that this fatal disaster had a successful attempt of reminding people who thought they owned the entire universe, that humans are very new to this world. They are no more than guests on the planet. And this phenomenon was no more than just a proof, that humans are very weak creatures on this planet, and perhaps the most vulnerable creatures of them

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