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The most beautiful beaches of Croatia
Where to go on a holiday is a question, that we ask ourselves at least once a year and then everything else begins. 100 and one desire, wish, request of what should be and what we don 't want while spending our holiday. One of the said wishes usually is for the beach, where we 'll spend our time, to be beautiful and pleasant. While beautiful is a relative adjective Croatia can still boast with multiple beautiful beaches. To make your search somewhat easier and less time consuming, I chose 10 of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia in my opinion, while scrolling through 2.445 Mediterranean beaches that I visited and presented on
One of the most attractive
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Once you come here, you will fully understand, why the beach attracts people from all over the world as it is absolutely beautiful. The special feature of the beach is the fact, that it changes its shape based on the waves and water currents. It is very popular among young people as it enables the execution of countless water sports. It boasts by its crystal clear water that just calls you into its embrace. It is perfect for those seeking active holidays and not as much for those seeking pure relaxation. Those will experience the biggest pleasure while resting in the shade of pine trees, surrounding the…show more content…
The beach is colored in primal colors, as we 're talking about one of the most known nudist beaches. The beach doesn 't have any facilities so a lot depends on your personal plan. The beautiful sandy laguna calls for different adventures.
2nd PLACE: BEACH MURVICA, Murvica, island Brač
A small village Murvico on the island Brač is enriched by a beach, also named Murvica. It is built from small pebbles and overtakes us with its simplicity and incredibly clean, blue water. Looking upon this beach can warm the heart of even the most demanding visitors. It is no wonder that it is marked as one of the most beautiful beaches on this part of the island.
1st PLACE: PLAŽA STINIVA, Marinje Zemlje, island Vis
You 're sailing through the bay Stiniva on the southern side of the island Vis thinking, that everything beautiful is already past you, when you suddenly notice a 4-meter wide wall opening, hiding a beautiful pebble beach. Reaching it certainly requires climbing a steep path on the shore, but its beauty will completely overwhelm you once you reach it. White pebbles and small houses create a magical atmosphere. No matter the time of the day, you won 't be left indifferent. If you want to experience the full glory of the beach, visit it early in the
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