Kim Jong-Un: A Great Dictator

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A descriptor often applied to North Korea is “Stalinist,” and with its old-style Communist imagery and propaganda, not to mention its political purges, the state has much in common with Stalin’s Soviet Union.

But North Korea has never known anything other than absolute rule. Before Korea’s annexation by Japan, in 1910, Koreans were living under a monarchy. After that came rule by imperial Japan and Koreans bowed to the Japanese emperor. After World War II, Japanese occupation of Korea ended with Soviet troops occupying the north, and US troops the south. In 1948 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is proclaimed, with founder Kim II-sung installed as leader and the Soviet troops withdraw.

Since its founding, North Korea has been ruled
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In my personal opinion, I don’t like dictatorships but as far as being a dictator is concerned- given the system, and type of person needed to manage and sustain it, Kim Jong-un is a great dictator.

A dictator should know how to handle himself in public and should be a good public speaker, both of which Kim Jong-un excels in. A great dictator however should also be decisive and must instill fear which Kim Jong-un has already done by removing the two men who posed the risk to his rule.

Dictator regime gets mainstream support in NK because of the belief in the myth held by the North Koreans about the Kim family being divine descendent of the nation’s mythical founder Tangun and also the myth that the USA, Japan and the other world powers are poised to attack.

Bottom line, dictatorship can only end when the people transcend above the historical myth and for that it is necessary to have access with the outside world and the news which is highly controlled by the dictator and therefore democracy still seems like a far
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