Desdemona In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Othello, Desdemona has noticed a change of how Othello feels towards her. Othello has been so controlled by Iago that he considers “a man of honesty and trust” (I.iii.284), which lead him to doubt Desdemona’s faithfulness. Desdemona even wonders if a woman “would do such a deed for all the world” (IV.iii.65). Desdemona felt that all women in her society would never confront their husbands due to fear that was installed in them. Emalia explains to Desdemona that there are certainly women who would be unfaithful to their husbands. Although she believes “it is their husbands’ faults” (86) as men become envious or hostile to their wife, women should also have “some revenge”
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