Desdemona's Cheating In Othello

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Do people often get accused of doing the right thing? Or is it always being accused of the wrong? In the play Othello by Shakespeare Desdemona is being accused of cheating on her newly wedded husband Othello. When she has been nothing but loyal to him, even loyal to him over her own father.Iago feed’s Othello these lies at times of vulnerability, and drops all these hints slowly. Making a puzzle in Othello’s mind,and convinces him everything Iago says is true. Iago uses Othello’s trust for him to manipulate Othello, into thinking Desdemona was cheating. He was the first person Othello knew when Othello came to Venice. So when Othello worked hard and rose up even though he was an outsider. Othello has no idea that Iago is a bad guy, Othello
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