Desdemona's Lies In Othello

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How can you tell if someone is lying to you? Chances are that you can't tell if they are lying to you or not so you believe them. This is exactly what happens in Act III Scene iii of the play Othello by William Shakespeare. Iago goes up to Othello and tries to trick him into thinking his wife is unfaithful by practically saying that “I think that your wife is cheating on you with Michael Cassio”. Othello doesn’t believe him at first, but Iago is a very good liar and eventually convinces him that Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello didn’t want to believe it at first but Iago continued to tell Othello being repetitive with his lies. Othello gave into these lies then eventually wanted to kill Desdemona because she was cheating on him with Cassio.…show more content…
Though I am bound to every act of duty, I am not bound to that all slaves are free to. Utter my thoughts? Why, say they are vile and false as where's that palace where into foul things sometimes intrude not? Who has a breast so pure, but some uncleanly apprehensions keep leets and law-days and in session sit with meditations lawful?” (III,iii,156-164). Iago was really trying to convince othello that Cassio is not and honest and that he is sleeping with Desdemona.this characterizes Iago as a deceitful person who tricks people into believing what is not true. In Iago’s second attempt to convince Othello, he tries to convince him by appealing to his logos by saying “she did deceive her father, marrying you; and when she seemed to shake and fear your looks, she loved them most” (III,iii,233-235). This is another way by which Iago is trying to tell Othello about his wife. He is trying to put doubt into the moors mind. This reveals Iago’s deceitful nature when he is placing these doubts into Othello’s head by asking she deceived her father, why not deceive you too? Iago also appeals to Othello’s pathos by saying
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