Desdemona's Loyalty In Othello

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Desdemona shows where her loyalty lies in this quote. At the start, Desdemona talks about her duty to her father, Brabantio, and how she is supposed to respect him above all others. Desdemona then turns it around by talking about how her mother showed more duty to Brabantio than her own father and Desdemona says that she will do the same. Desdemona proves her loyalty to Othello quite well. She chose her husband, the man she loved, over her own father.ADD A BIT MORE

Desdemona says this quote when talking to the Duke after the Duke orders Othello to leave for battle. In this quote, Desdemona talks about how if Othello were to leave for battle, that she would not truly love him if she were not to go with him. She then requests if she can go with

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