Desensitization In Football

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Your heart swells with pride as your son breaks through the opposing team’s defense. A clear route opens up on the football field, and your eyes don’t stray from the miraculous sight of your child running for the touchdown. WHAM! An enormous linebacker slams into your son, causing him to ricochet off the linebacker and collapse to the ground. Holding your breath, your heart plummets as you anxiously wait for him to rise; but he doesn’t, even as the paramedics rush to his side. Remaining the leading cause of sports related child injuries, prompting shortened lifespans, and cultivating violence desensitization, American football will always be deadly. First off, while all sports bear risks, football injures more children than any other sport.…show more content…
Journalist Dan Diamond uncovered that football players are four times more likely to die from degenerative brain diseases, and only live to an average age of 55-60; pro players ruin their lives simply for money and fame. When you lose twenty, valuable years of your life, what’s the point of acquiring money or fame? Equally important, the vicious contact of football players numbs people to violence. Televisions across the nation displaying the almost suicidal collision of players gravely affects people’s minds. Violence desensitization can induce emotional detachment, which allows people to stand idly by as a grisly crime occurs. Even worse, NFL players train to be aggressive, and a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania concluded that they are four times more likely to be arrested for domestic abuse than the average man. Consequently, numerous celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Grey Damon, and Elijah Wood, disapprove of football. Altogether, American football damages player’s lives, endangers children, and promotes appalling crimes. How can someone endorse football knowing what it could cause? With football being the source of all this grief, restriction of the game in order to prevent these abhorrent issues remains the only
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