Desensitization Theory Summary

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The desensitizing theory, according to Scharrer, is when someone is consistently exposed to violence via the television, internet, radio, movies, and video games, and they become desensitized to the violence as if it was an everyday normal occurrence (Scharrer, 2008, pg. 292). Scharrer goes on to say, on the next page, that the more excessive the exposure to violence is, an emotional response is created where the empathy of victims decrease (Scharrer, 2008, pg. 293). People who tend to consider other people’s feelings are more resistant to desensitization (Scharrer, 2008, pg. 302). Bushman also found in his study that people would be less likely to helps others in need due to a consequence of a physiological desensitization (Bushman, 2009, pg. 273). Bushman’s study revealed that…show more content…
The General Aggression model says that the more video gamers play violent games, the more they become aggressive. The Catalyst Model is where the video games become the catalyst for aggressive behavior and not just the trigger (Surette, 2013, pg. 393). Surette continues with his rebuke saying that the courts have dismissed charges that the media causes criminal violence (Surette, 2013, pg. 393). However, he also states that people must have a predisposition to aggression prior to seeing any violence on the media in order for them to act out in violence (Surette, 2013, pg. 394). Perhaps there were family issues that brought out some of the aggression but after the person would watch violence either in the home, on the television, or elsewhere, they would be more susceptible to violence. This is confirmed by Bushman and Anderson’s study that proves watching violence encourages or propels aggression (Bushman & Anderson, 2001, pg. 480). In the past 30 years, there has been a noticeable difference in this. Just look at some of the kids today and their unwillingness to mind their parents or any
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