Desert Lands Act Compare And Contrast

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you will compare and contrast the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Desert Lands Act of 1877. Some things to consider: What were the goals of both Acts? Were they successful? If so how? As America continued to grow and prosper, the only logical place to continue was westward where over 200 million acres of land was ripe for progress and growth on the other side of the Mississippi. The government at that time had many miles of federal land and was of the mindset that they could grow the country and bring some money back into central government by selling these parcels of land off to Americans. The distribution of Government lands had been chaotic since the Revolutionary War: overlapping claims and border disputes were commonplace. The Homestead Act of 1862 and Desert Lands Act of 1877 helped to promote ownership for homesteaders and spur westward expansion. …show more content…

The investment needed to purchase these large pieces of land was a daunting undertaking; it was an undertaking a newly freed African American worker or small farmer could never hope to accomplish. By 1880, the minimum parcel one could buy was 320 acres, and though they could pay in installments it was not a realistic possibility for many. The Homestead Act was a federal law announcing that an applicant could own 160 acres of land free of charge for the next five years, with the only stipulation being he or she must live on land improve the land and build a home. After five years, the homesteader could file for a title by submitting proof of residency and required improvements to a local land

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