Desert Plants Of The Sahara Desert

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The world is a wondrous place. From Amazonian Brown-Throated Sloth to the Saguaro Cactus of the Sonoran desert, there is an existential natural beauty that poets have aspired to capture in words and artists since the beginning of time tried to render it in paint. When people usually talk about exotic plants, the first dot that connects in the head is that of immensely beautiful rainforests of ours. Though that is justified but what is usually forgotten are the wondrous desert plants. Their beauty is accentuated by their incalculable and varied use in these regions. Here are some of the most beautiful to behold desert plants which are extremely common to the aridest and dried regions of the earth. 1. Peyote Cactus Peyote Cactus or Lophophora williamsi is a small spineless cactus that is native to Mexico, but they are also found in Africa. Peyote cactus have a unique property of psychoactive effects when ingested. Amongst the indigenous Americans, Peyote cacti have had a long history of medicinal and ritualistic use. This plant survives the immensely harsh conditions of the Sahara desert by conserving the water for large periods of time in its thickly built stems. 2. Thyme An extremely drought resistant herb from the Saharan desert, Thyme is a major food source for many desert animals. It has extremely important and well researched medicinal uses. It is also a popular ingredient of the cuisines of the Middle East. One of the most popular and well-known desert plants in the
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