Desert Warrior Analysis

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A man, in the 1962, was a hero, his name was Thomas Edward Lawrence and he was well -recognized in the Arabian Desert. The film started first by the death of Lawrence in a motorcycle accident. He was well known by recognizing and forming the Guerilla army for two year. Lawrence and the Arab had continued to attack the Turks. He was known by taking the dangerously missions. Once, he was captured by the Turks but he managed to escape. Lawrence leds the Arab in the allied race for the city. After the success of Lawrence he came back to England and continued to fight for an Arab homeland in Europe. In 1934, he leaves the military for the last time, planning to spend his life in Seclusion. Just weeks later, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Even after his death, Lawrence impacted on the Middle East be felt for generations to come. His daring raids in World War I made him a legend. But in the Middle East today, the desert warrior’s legacy is written in sand, The film conveys the mysterious, complex life and exploit of an unusual, disobedient, desert-loving, British Army, who unites the desert Arabian against the cruel Turks (allies of Germany) during World War I. His extraordinary knowledge of the politics and culture of the middle east allows him to organize the a choice of, willful Arab tribes to repel enemies of the British.(self intro) The film focuses on three major events in Lawrence 's life –(flashback) • The glorious of the key port of Aqaba • Lawrence 's
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