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Commitment, dedication, and motivation are the three most important values when joining the military. Background checks and months of training are required to ensure that the best is selected to stand strong as one for the best interest of all. Regardless of the requisites, hundreds of individuals devote their time to become part of the US military, unfortunately it is not meant for everyone. Even though the system tries to ensure that only the strong get chosen, it has been proven to be flawed. For example, ex-military personal, like Robert (Bowe) Bergdahl, have left base camps or leaked information to express their feelings towards the military. Powers argues that, when any member of armed forces deliberately walks away from a base camp or …show more content…

The Uniform Code of Military Justice does not compare to civilian law. Because it deals with the safety of the nation, it has to be even more strict and detailed. Conscious efforts to leave base camp and endangering fellow soldiers should not be taken lightly. Bowe Bergdahl did not hesitate to tell Mark Boal, the interviewer, that he had mindfully planned the best time to walk away from site. According to Bowe, the sole purpose of this decision was to bring attention to the errors happening within his base. Good intentions or not, walking away and ‘losing track of location’ is not a valid excuse to bring uproar, especially when there are other means of handling base injustices. As a solider with months of training, I find hard to believe that one would forget to check the compass knowing that the enemy could be …show more content…

He had planned to walk a few miles away into a safe space that would return him the next day. That may be true. My follow up argument to that would be as to what his justification was to leave. Yes, he might have wanted change within the military system, but endangering not only his life but everyone’s was not a smart move. He showed that he did not put much thought into what could have happened. In his statement with Koenig, he stated that he wanted to prove to himself and the public that he could be an ideal war hero. In the end his attempt of being a hero killed five American soldiers. That same need to be a hero is parallel to his craving of attention and affection from when he was a child (Koenig, 2016). Making a statement of wanting attention does not describe a soldier that has the interest of everyone, instead it shows how selfish he could be. Selfish in the way that he believed that he could take that war and make movie scenes out of it. Giving the impression as if he does not see the gravitate of how that one dreaming mistake can have on someone’s

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