Wicked Problems In Design Thinking

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This article is about the Wicked Problems faced in Design Thinking, by the designers who pretend to use this process . For this ambiguous term many approaches has been given from different design theorists such as Roger Martin , NigeL Cross, Lucy Kimbell, but Design thinking remains a surprisingly flexible activity with no such a fixed definition . Design continues to expand in its meanings and connections, revealing unexpected dimensions in practice as well as understanding. We have seen design grow from a trade center to a segmented profession , to a field for technical research and to what now should be recognized as a new liberal art of technological culture. In order to serve the purpose of enriching human life the designers are exploring integrations of knowledge that will combine theory with practice for new productive purposes, "Design is neither an intellectual nor a material affair, but simply an integral part of the stuff of life , necessary for everyone in a civilized society" (New…show more content…
They are a form of social or cultural problem difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory and changing requirements (Horst Rittel,1960). In design thinking different definitions of design and different specifications of the methodology of design are variations of this broad theme. This creates one of the central problems of communication between scientists and designers.The Wicked Problems approach was formulated by Rittel in 1960s " Although there are many variations of the linear model is divided into two distinct phases: problem definition which is an analytic sequence and problem solution which is a synthetic sequence." The linear model of design thinking is based on determinate problems , which have definite conditions. in contrast the wicked problems approach has no definite conditions or limits for design
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