Designated Survivor Analysis

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The Designated Survivor American drama series as per 44,414 IMDB users have given weighted average vote 7.8/10 this makes the show popular. The first show of the series begins with the lower level cabinet member Tom Kirkman has appointed to be a President as a Designated Survivor.
As per the Wikipedia – In the United States, a designated survivor (or designated successor) is an individual in the presidential line of succession, usually a member of the United States Cabinet, who is arranged to be at a physically distant, secure, and undisclosed location when the President, the Vice President, and the other officials in the line of succession are gathered at a single location, such as during State of the Union
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The toughness and strength of the president was defeated and his eyes were turning red his voice trembled.
He told her that, “hey sweetheart I want to wake you up,” and said, “there was accident happened, when accidents happened people can’t back home for ever, mommy was there’’ and, now “ she is in heaven with angels.”
She gave tight hug to her dad crying hard. When the therapist asked about how he saw Leo (the first son of the president) the president exactly telling the same story that he melted down right before his eyes and he told his father “my mom hated here, and they shouldn’t be there.” President Kirkman tried to sustain the damage and convinced to move on.

Hannah Wells the FBI Agent and the National Security Advisor Aaron Shore discussed about Hannah Wells’s status of being under briefing. This was due to having a sexual relationship with mistrusted agent (Rennett) who betrayed his country for money on the previous episode. After she had been cleared both Wells and Aaron were assigned to visit Cuba together as part of the president’s trade delegation with the group of Senates and government
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This incident occurs during the tough time to president, he pressurized to make a decision. The White House Political Director Lyore Boone regrets the decision that the President declares, and he said, “When you try to not loose anyone, you lose everyone.”

This time the Kirkman administration represented to have a blurred image to everyone since the past 10 weeks. This was due to the tragedy moment that took the first Lady Alex Kirkman’s life. White House press Secretary Seith Wright and all the team were concerned about the president and the paperwork, Seith spoke with the chief of Staff Emily Rhodes in regard to why the president performing Idle. Emily became emotional and ignored him.
Seith and Emily were in relationship, as a result he decided to get some vacation days, and Emily thinks he took their relationship too fast - this situation completely affecting their relationship.
Emily told Seith “we are seeing each other too much by…..Shrinking her eyes.”
Seith replied’ “Instead of five times a week, we can cut it down in to once a
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