Designer Babies Research Paper

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According to Biotechnology: In Context, designer babies are children whose genetics have been artificially selected or manipulated at the embryonic stage in order to exclude or produce certain traits. The designer baby process integrates genetic screening with engineering to create in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF incorporates a reproduction technology process which involves the fertilization of ova by sperm outside of the body in a laboratory setting. This issue in biotechnology has established concern and curiosity in many families and scientists due to how designer babies could possibly be a breakthrough in science and reproduction. IVF, founded by English physician Walter Heape, led to a contemporary scientific discovery by British physiologist…show more content…
Many physicians and concerned parents reject the term and declare it as offensive. Designer babies is often compared to designer clothing and fashion which seems fitting due to its ability to be tailored to someone’s taste. In a sense, many “critics feel the implied reference to fashion is fitting because genetic engineering could permit the selection of desired physical and aesthetic traits for non-medical reasons” (Lerner). This is where many bioethicists draw the line between aesthetic pleasure and genuine need for IVF. Many ethicists argue that “the availability of sex selection will lead to potential sex discrimination against women in society” (Ghose). Controlling the outcome and future of a child may also potentially set up tyrannical expectations over what the child will do or become. This also raises the question of how morals will even matter. There is much controversy on how individuality matters when someone could easily manipulate their child into what they want. A 2015 article in the journal, Nature, states that “a number of countries, including the United States, restrict or ban genetic modification of human embryos” (Belluck) whereas other countries have guidelines and regulations. On the other hand, some citizens negate these features and argue for the advancement of making the next generation smarter and…show more content…
The comparison here is between Victor Frankenstein and scientists who manipulate genes. Editing genes are as easy as the “Find and Replace function in Microsoft Word” (“Gene Editing May Produce”). Perry Marshall, founder of Natural Code LLC, believes that genetic engineering will become the next billion-dollar industry. When it becomes corporate, the immediacy of the issue becomes elevated due to how power plays a role in what breakthroughs are discovered and further implemented. Marshall states that we will borrow from existing systems built by nature; furthermore, he states, “Those who assume humans are smarter than nature are in grave danger of building Frankensteins that cannot be stopped” (“Gene Editing May Produce”). Essentially, this raises awareness on how discoveries can influence ambition and power. Similar to how Frankenstein’s ambition got the best of him, scientists today must be careful to not get too excited, but have a sense of responsibility. The topic of designer babies is currently exclusive to science and research, yet it could also become the subject of many novels and plays in the
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