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Vibrant, flamboyant, unique, fun and unequal (meaning of ‘Desigual’ in Spanish) are some of the adjectives that one uses to describe the brand. Desigual has emerged as one of the most dominant Spanish brands of the 21st century. Founded in 1984 by Swiss designer Thomas Meyer in the dynamic city of Barcelona, Spain (Wikipedia, 2018). The brainchild of Meyer, who was then in his early twenties and enjoying life on the party island of Ibiza, was inspired to create a clothing line that was exclusive and a celebration of an individual’s personality at the same time affordable (The Culture Trip, n.d.). It is no wonder that the brand’s motto is ‘La Vida es Chula’ or ‘Life is beautiful’ (The Culture Trip, n.d.). The brand has 8 product
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So how does the company manage to stay ahead of its competition? In 2016, while talking to The Moodie Report Desigual’s Brand Communication Director Daniel Perez explained that the brand “prides itself on not being the same as other fashion brands” (Pawson, 2016). Further he added that “Desigual is investing highly in preserving the soul and spirit of its products and reinterpreting them in creative ways – new patterns, fabrics, prints and silhouettes which connect to the brand’s origins and heritage to create an entirely new proposal that bears the characteristic style that has made the brand so recognisable worldwide.” (Pawson,…show more content…
It could be a Facebook page, Instagram account or a company website, people look into these sites to first know about any brand. The popularity of online shopping is on the rise as simple, convenient and with flexible return policies makes it more appealing to online shoppers. Some brands like ASOS have only online websites and ship garments all over the world from their fulfilment centres.
Desigual quickly realized the growing need to give its customers the option to shop online. Just as it rapidly expanded its brick and mortar stores, it currently boasts of its 23 online stores and is present on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and

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