Desire For Success Essay

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In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ~Albert Einstein Indeed a very remarkable quote from a very remarkable man. I guess the real reason for why I started this essay like this is because it connects to my daily life so easily. I’m a person that learns from their mistakes, yes I have succeeded in life but all that success has come with hard work and also failure because a person isn’t really successful unless they have failed first, it may sound absurd but it’s the truth. I have many stories to tell and honestly 750 words are not enough to express me and my personality. I’m a 19 year old who really wants to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology I may not be a genius or a honor student but I do know…show more content…
I’m creative, adventurous. I love to explore new thing I love to travel I’ve been to many parts of Ecuador and I visited many states in the US. I like to think of myself as unique not normal, because normal is a setting you put in a laundry machine and no one wants to be that those are the words from a singer that I truly admire. As a kid and also a teenager I was bullied and I guess it took a toll on my self-esteem but my parents never knew about it because im the kind of person to handle my personal stuff and no let it interfere with my work. My parents are part of a business called Amway specifically WORLD CROWNS every week we have a meeting and discuss about how a succesfull person should act and speak and interact. I decided to go to one of these meetings and since them my self-esteem has gotten better little by little I started to be stronger and started to care for me and I dicided to follow the footsteps of my parents a also be a part of the business that is Amway but I also want to study and go to new places. I have worked in two places one in a bakery and one in a retail store and both have given me sense in what a business consists of and ive leanerd a lot in those years that I worked in those
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