Uncontrolled Desire Research Paper

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Uncontrolled Desire and Its Effects on Character’s Life Ayat Al Roumi Department of English, Faculty of Letters And Human Sciences, Lebanese University Abstract Sex drive is influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors. And if this desire isn’t controlled would lead to a destruction in all his forms. “A Streetcar Named Desire”, a play by Tennessee Williams, illustrates this uncontrolled desire and its consequences on character’s life. The aim of this paper is to highlight how desire and instincts could determine the fate of a person. And this will be shown in Blanche’s love of younger men, Stella’s love for Stanley, Stanley’s sexual desire, the “epic fornications” of Blanche’s ancestors,…show more content…
It clarifies how desire and destruction are connected. The destruction that takes a variety of forms including, literal death, the profanity of a good reputation, mental death, and even financial ruin. Desire is a sense of longing for someone or something. When a person desires a person or an object, his emotions will be excited by the thought of the person, then he will want to take actions to gain his goal or aim. The philosopher Thomas Hobbes asserted that human desire is the essential motivation of all human actions. And the psychologists often describe desires as different from emotions. This paper focuses on how all the characters in this play are suffering because they are controlled by desire. How they become blind and unwillingly persons. It will discuss further how this uncontrolled desire leads them to physical violence, mental degradation, and death. Discussion and analysis Blanche’s love of younger men This play opens its scene with the motif of desire and death. When Blanche arrives in her delicate beauty that “suggests a moth”, she states, “they told me to take a streetcar named desire, and then transfer to one called cemeteries and ride six blocks to get off at Elysian Fields!” as if these early lines are a prediction for Blanche’s stages of
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