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In the philosophical world as well as in discussions of public policy, happiness is sometimes recognized with well-being. More often, however, happiness is seen as a long-term emotional state of fulfillment, and well-being. This paper is divided into two parts. First I outline and describe the objective list theory of well-being “Virtue Ethics”. I then go on to look at the motivations for holding such a view before turning to objections to this theory.
Well-being concerns with what is good for or benefits individuals, what is in their self-interest and makes life go well for them. In practice, people use this concept to evaluate their lives, make plans for their futures, and decide how to help others. Well-being also
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Those who have the best life, therefore, are those who avoid having their desires frustrated, and have most, if not all, of their desires fulfilled. Desire satisfaction theory is considered by some as an intuitive position, because few, if any, people would say that a person’s life is going well if that person’s desires are continually frustrated. I think the strongest objection again the desire satisfaction theory presented states the theory cannot accommodate the fact that, sometimes, it is bad for a person to get what he wants. Ill-informed desires, irrational desires, base desires, poorly cultivated desires, pointless desires, artificially aroused desires, and the desire to be badly off, are alleged by objectors to be defective in this way. I don’t think the theory can overcome these objections, for example, take a looks at the paradox of self-harm, According to the desire satisfaction theory, it is impossible to intentionally harm yourself but what about people who commit suicide? I believe virtue ethics is superior to the desire satisfaction theory because it is a moral theory that emphasizes the role of an individual 's character and virtues in evaluating the rightness of actions rather than just focusing on having one’s desires

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