Armand Named Desiree's Baby Literary Analysis

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The story “Désirée 's Baby” by Kate Chopin is about a man named Armand and a woman
Named Desiree. Armand and Désirée are a married couple of French origin with a newborn baby. One day Madame Valmonde, Désirée 's Mother decides to come to Desiree 's house to take care of her baby but Madame Valmonde looks at Désirée 's baby and finds out that he is a quadroon then everyone in the community starts to look at Armand and Desiree and try to find out who is not white Armand immediately blames Désirée for not being white even though all the signs were pointing towards him. Désirée eventually starts believing that she is not white and ends up killing herself, shortly after Désirée 's death Armand finds a letter and finds out that he is actually half black witch raises the questions did Armand know of his black origin before Desiree’s death. Yes he did know because he acted like he hated Desiree because of her black origin and he treated his slaves badly. Armand knew his heritage because he yelled at desires and ignored her multiple times because she was of African American origin. When people found out that Armand and Desiree’s baby was one fourth black when meant Armand or Desiree was part black Armand immediately blamed Desiree for being part black and yelled at her repeatedly saying that she was not white” It
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This quote shows that only his mom died and not his father so eventually he would figure out that he was part black he would have been curious about his mother since she died at an early age but when Armand found out that he was black I think that he liked being white so much that he kept that secret until there was actually proof that he was part
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