Story Of Desiree's Baby Analysis

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“The Story Of Desiree’s Baby”is a story written by Kate Chopin.This story is about Madame Valmondé travels from her home on a Louisiana plantation to the neighboring plantation to visit her recently married daughter, Désirée. Désirée has given birth to her first child, and Madame Valmondé reflects that it seems not so long ago that she first held Désirée herself as a baby. Désirée was found by Monsieur Valmondé as an infant abandoned in the shadow of the stone pillar at the gate of their plantation. The Valmondés accepted the girl as their own, and Madame Valmondé believed the child had been sent to her by Providence because she couldn’t bear children of her own.Eighteen years later, Désirée was standing near the same stone pillar where her adoptive father found her when Armand Aubigny, the young heir of the neighboring plantation L’Abri, rode past and fell in love with her at first sight. Armand fell in love suddenly and deeply, and nothing could persuade him to give up Désirée, despite Monsieur Valmondé’s cautions about her mysterious past. Armand ordered Désirée fine clothes and gifts from Paris, and…show more content…
The symbols from “Desiree’s Baby” have different meaning, but the ones that seem to have the most effect on this story were the stone pillar and the bonfire.The shadow of the stone pillar symbolizes her mysterious origins and her past is shadowed. The stone pillar is a marker of Desiree unexplained past but also a marker of the estate .Therefore is the setting of two most important encounters in Desiree’s life and symbolizes transitions and acts of love , but also the mysterious past that comes to color those loves .{lit charts} This explains the meaning of the stone pillar and in how the one place where her life began for the shadow that covered her and her mysterious past and the place where she found the one she fell in love with ended there.The one place that brought happiness to Madame Valmonde and Armand Aubigny ended in sad horrible
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