Desiree's Baby Argumentative Essay

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In the short story “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin, A woman named Desiree supposedly takes the life of herself and her child after “discovering” that she is biracial, and that her child is also of mixed race. Although, in the end of the story, we discover that the baby’s father, Armand, is really the biracial parent, it still seems logical to remember the story as if Desiree were biracial, since that is what both she and Armand believed, up until the very end. Many believe that Desiree’s decision to kill herself and her child was justified, because of the shame and ridicule that would come to the child, and the fact that she herself believed that neither her nor the child would have a happy future. Many believe that Desiree’s actions were justified because of the few options she seemed to have at the time, and the fact that all she could think about was how shameful she felt for being biracial, and…show more content…
Many believed that Desiree’s thoughts and actions were justified due to her thoughts and unhappiness. It appeared as if she would have no future; no husband, no friends, and not even her child, if he were sold into slavery. In paragraph 25, it says that Desiree wrote, “‘I shall die. I must die. I cannot be so unhappy, and live.’” This meant that she had no desire to live. Many believe that she is just prolonging her agony by living, and therefore came to the conclusion that her actions were justified, and that killing herself and her baby was a valid option that makes sense. In this time period, nobody who was white wished to marry a mixed woman, or even to be around a mixed woman. Therefore, Desiree would be an outcast. Many believe that this could easily be solved if she just, perhaps, moved to the North and met new people, or reunited with Armand. However, it would be unlikely for Armand to reunite with the woman who “brought [an unconscious injury] upon his home and
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