Desirous Erasmus Accomplishments

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Many were the shackles that the Late Middle Ages left for the people when we refer to knowledge wise. The church was a perfect example of these shackles, denying any knowledge outside God’s words and Christian understanding. Moreover, the education at that time was more restricted and only the richest people could access to it. Many were the revolutions trying to break the shackles of the past like the religious revolution. One of the most important religious movement of that time was the one Desirous Erasmus was leading, the reform program of Christian humanism; Erasmus was one of the few people that believed that before changing a society, one most change the people who composed. This movement was already trying to wake up people to a new way of thinking, and to a new way of development as a society.…show more content…
it can be said that such revolution failed somehow because there were no such noticeable changes in that era. It was not until the Scientific Revolution, when actually people around the world started to wake up in matters such as knowledge. Galileo Galilei stated that the earth had a circular form because of this Galileo had to face the Roman Inquisition (church) because he was thinking out of the box. Moreover, Galileo was the father of astronomy being him the first one in making systematic observations of the heavens. In this Scientific Revolution many brilliant minds came out with new theories and discoveries: Isaac Newton, who discovered the gravity and the three laws of the movements; with this one he explained, all the motion of the universe. In my opinion, The Scientific Revolution was the most revolutionary movement of all of them because all the facts discussed in this article. Even though, no one can discard the other revolutions because every single one of them gave was the key for the next
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