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"I couldn't picture Christ with a rifle killing people." this quote from Desmond Doss showing his ambition to stand up for what he believed in. He spent his childhood with a fervent belief in the holy bible. Desmond was married twice in his 87 years of age. He served in three combat campaigns for three years. The catch is he refused to carry a gun during war. Bertha Doss, a stay at home mother, gave birth to Desmond Thomas Doss on February 7th, 1919 in Lynchburg,Virginia. Doss’s father, William Doss, was a carpenter. Desmond had two brothers Harold Doss and Able Doss. He also had a sister Audrey Milliner. Doss was raised with a fervent belief in the holy bible. With that being said, he was guided by a poster of the ten commandments.…show more content…
The catch is he refused to carry a gun. During this period of time, on the Sabbath day, Doss saved 75 people without placing a finger on a weapon. 400 feet down, one by one, he safely lowered the injured to safety. A knot Doss invented was the one to thank for this. Not once in the time of his heroic duties did Doss carry a weapon. Doss believed in the bible, faith, and god as his weapons. For all that he had done, he was awarded with 12 medals, 2 bronze stars, 3 purple hearts. Doss was 1 out of 431 men to receive the Medal of Honor. Sadly this heroic man, Desmond Thomas Doss, passed away March 23, 2006. Because of complicated breathing problems, he was taken at the age of 87, in Piedmont, Alabama.Doss was buried in Chattanooga, Tennessee the same day as his former Medal of Honor recipient Dave Bleak. he may rest in peace with the honor and legacy of what he has accomplished. Although Doss went against what was the norm, he stood up for what he believed in and made a huge impact on history as we know it. With his dedication and need to succeed he will be remembered and looked up to by many. If there is something you believe in, take on Doss’s actions and stand up to
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