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We do not have to have superpowers to be a hero.

Who is more of a hero, a person with superpowers or a person who will stand up for what they believe in? It could just be a boy or girl that can be a hero by showing courage. A hero can also be a person who is selfless or brave. People do not have to go to combat or war to be a hero to the world. Anybody can be a hero even if only one person believes in them. People do not need capes or superpowers, they can be a hero by being selfless, brave, and courageous.
Desmond Doss, a hero in many ways, but one way that stands out the most is that he is selfless. For an example, he ran in to the battlefield to risk his life to save the soldiers. This shows when he repeatedly ran into the kill zone, carrying wounded soldiers to the edge of the battlefield. He could not see soldiers getting shot next to him and not decide to help. By the end of the night he rescued an estimated seventy-five men. In addition, when he refused to kill or carry a weapon into combat. Thus, the refusal to carry a gun caused a lot of trouble among his fellow soldiers. The court attempted to throw him out, because he refused to carry a gun. As a soldier, Desmond Doss is very selfless because he show the people matter more than his own life.
Terry Fox is a hero to many people in different way but
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Firstly, selflessness is a great quality of being a hero because of how Desmond Doss ran on to the battlefield with out thinking about himself. Also, being charitable is another great quality of a hero, because of Terry Fox and how he raised money for cancer. Lastly, by being courageous people can become a hero, as Malala because of what she fought for what she wanted and did not give up no matter what happen. So all it takes is to be selfless, charitable, and courageous to be a hero. People do not have to go to war or have superpowers to become a hero in someone’s
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