Environmental Issues In Oryx And Crake

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The novel Oryx and Crake opens with the desolate scene. Even when the reader reads the first page of the novel, they get to know about the man named Snowman, who is shown as the last man standing in the world after the great catastrophe has hit the world and wiped out the human race other than Snowman himself. Snowman is shown as the survivor and also as the person who struggles to barely survive by scavenging whatever is left of human civilization: “Then he goes to the other side of the tree . . . and rummages around in the cache he’s improvised from a few slabs of concrete, lining it with wire mesh to keep out the rats and mice. He’s stashed some mangoes there . . . and a can of Sveltana No-Meat Cocktail Sausages, and a precious half-bottle…show more content…
Atwood feels that it is the responsibility of the writers to mirror whatever takes place in the world be it child abuse, violence against women, terrorism and so on. The novel Oryx and Crake brings out the issues related to the natural world and how much damage has been done to nature by humans and how the implications would be in the following years. This novel raises questions about the present state of the natural world and how nature is being treated. The environmental questions such as global warming, social inequalities that is being carried out relating to the environment, pollution, over-population, the modification and diminution of natural resources has been clearly raised. Though, Atwood have produced many works, not any of her works has this much portrayal of nature and environmental issues as it is done in the novel Oryx and Crake. Atwood believes that the climatic change is something that would cause a huge damage to the world as these climates do not change with the blessing of the Mother Nature but due to the horrid actions that is done by the humans. In the novel, Atwood in many places shows what would be the future like with the abomination of natural

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