Desolate Scene In Oryx And Crake

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The novel Oryx and Crake opens with the desolate scene. Even when the reader reads the first page of the novel, they get to know about the man named Snowman, who is shown as the last man standing in the world after the great catastrophe has hit the world and wiped out the human race other than Snowman himself. Snowman is shown as the survivor and also as the person who struggles to barely survive by scavenging whatever is left of human civilization: “Then he goes to the other side of the tree . . . and rummages around in the cache he’s improvised from a few slabs of concrete, lining it with wire mesh to keep out the rats and mice. He’s stashed some mangoes there . . . and a can of Sveltana No-Meat Cocktail Sausages, and a precious half-bottle of Scotch—no, more like a third—and a chocolate-flavoured energy bar scrounged from a trailer park, limp and sticky inside its foil. He can’t bring himself to eat it yet: it might be the last one he’ll ever find”. (Oryx and Crake, pp 11) The lines used in the novel by Atwood while describing the places, which itself shows that the setup is nothing but dystopian and also give readers a mindset where the whole world appears to be a waste land: “After an hour of walking, Snowman comes out from the former park. He picks his way farther inland, heading along the trashed pleebland boulevards and avenues and roads and streets. Wrecked solarcars are plentiful, some piled up in multi-vehicle crashes, some burnt out, some standing intact as if

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