Desolation In The Great Depression

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The Great Depression: The Pinnacle of Desolation The Great Depression; one of the lowest points in human history. The world had entered a deep chasm of despair. People were without the money necessary to feed their families and were thus in a forced migration. The population donned the mask of nomads once more by following the migration of sporadic jobs to feed their starving families. Revolutions streaked across the globe as people became disillusioned towards the government. The Great Depression created a desolation upon the world, and required a tabula rasa to engender change. In other words, the Great Depression, conceived by economical and political issues, caused the world to enter an abyss filled with economic hardships, and only concluded…show more content…
In fact, the stock market restores its lost value and stabilizes. However, this resurgence is short lived as it enters long, downward spiral, paving way to a crash much worse than the one before. In July 8, 1932 the stock market crashes once more, only this time, all capital is lost. (American Heroes Channel) Although they are prominent, the stock market’s fall is not the paramount cause of the depression. The blame is shared with the society and government of the time. The true key causes of the depression is the overspending and abuse of credit in the 1920’s. (American Heroes Channel) (“Great Depression”) The stock market crash is a result of the overspending. Naturally, the public pinned the blame on something else, rather than accepting the responsibility for causing the depression. The Roaring Twenties, is one of the more primary cause of the Great Depression. The twenties were not only carefree and pleasure filled, but were also an era of overspending. The overspending is a result from World War I, one of the most most bloodiest war Europe has ever witnessed. World War I made the U.S. into a wealthy world power, as European countries were paying back the U.S. for war loans. With the introduction of credit, Americans,…show more content…
Several factors brought about the Great Depression’s demise. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan for the economy, the New Deal, was one of them. Franklin D. Roosevelt, or FDR, used monetary policy to create inflation. In other words, FDR used monetary policy to boost the economy. He did this through Executive Order 6102, in which Americans had to turn in all of their gold. Although this may seem negative, it actually improved the economy through the devaluation of US dollar, which in turn made US exports more cheaper and thus more popular. (Klein) Besides that, the New Deal also created many governmental programs that are still in use today, such as welfare and the Federal Housing Administration. The New Deal was a benefit to the people, as it focused on improving the quality of life and creating jobs. FDR is not the only person to be an advocate for the termination of desolation. Adolf Hitler had a role to play in ending the Great Depression. As In an effort to protect their money, many Europeans began to invest in US stocks and bonds. This allowed the US to make money without spending money, as more money entered the US without having to print more bills. American businesses were inspired to begin investing again, allowing for more money and jobs in the US. As Hitler attempted to conquer Europe, Europeans sought to protect their money in American stocks
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