Despair And Hopelessness In Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler

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Despair, Hopelessness, and Desperation What happens when one’s home turns into a house full of despair? The story, “Teenage Wasteland” by Anne Tyler discusses how the disharmony in families reveal the immense despair and hopelessness that is pressured on the child. Suicide and depression become a teenager’s best friend as they begin to feel absolutely isolated from not only society but their family as well. They feel as if drinking or smoking away might release the hurt, but it is only a temporary fix that resembles the act of putting a band-aid on a shattered window. Donny Coble is the average fifteen-year-old, yearning to leave his parent’s house and take life by the throat. The biggest obstacle a parent can face is seeing his or her child struggling to live a happy life. Coble’s obstacle commenced when his mother, Daisy…show more content…
Could it be contagious? Donna Gaines, a journalist, cultural sociologist, and New York State certified social worker, has written an article about four teenagers who were found in 1987 in a car, deceased from carbon dioxide poisoning and how she investigated the case. Establishing a stronger, emotional bond between a child and a parent is extremely important. A parent shouldn’t be on top of a child and having the need to know every little thing about their social life. But knowing a bit about their world and being in their shoes might help form a bond. “When one teenager commits suicide it is a personal tragedy, but when groups of teenagers form a suicide pact and successfully carry it out, suicide becomes a matter of public…show more content…
A parent’s most painful journey is watching their child feel worthless and unaccepted. This disharmony that starts in house has a horrific impact on a child’s life, causing suicide rates to go

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