Desperation's Effect On Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Desperation’s effect on love
Desperation drove the characters similar to Romeo and Juliet to tremendous sacrifice. The characters in the stories told of Romeo and Juliet, Pyramus and Thisbe, and Layla and Majnun all ended in tragedy which was irrationally caused by the desperate desire to be in their partner’s arms. Stories: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, The story of Pyramus and Thisbe, and The story of Layla and Majnun. Desire is a common theme within all three stories, which was proven through the sacrificial as all characters previously mentioned died under the circumstances of suicide. Desperation, drove love’s sacrifices to death.

Through the sense of love in Romeo and Juliet, sacrifices were made to ease the desperation of the two
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As Pyramus hides from a lion, fear overwhelms Thisbe, he thinks she is gone, his logic, flawed, which transparently means he is imbecilic. He decides to meet Pyramus in the afterlife. Desperation inspired him to “plunge a sword into his body”. (Humphries 2). To add, in the case of which is true, Thisbe committed suicide first, through the misjudgment of Pyrumas’ state of being. Pyrumas followed in hopes of to her too meeting her love again. (Humphries 2) Sitting next to Thisbe's corpse Pyrumas says as her last words “so it was your own hand, your love that took your life away. Death was the only one that could keep you from me.” (Humphries 2) Though desperation both partners portray death as symbol and sacrifice to their love. Sacrifice, was the ultimate consequence to these two love birds, that resulted in the crime of death or specifically…show more content…
Debatably, I still believe that these two deaths are related to suicide. After Layla married, she became unhappy, being apart from her true love in an arranged marriage. (Ahmadzai and Emal 1) Majnun, her actual love moved to the desert, where he devoted his life in solitude. He was lonely not only with a broken heart but also as an outcast to society. (Ahmadzai and Emal 1) When Layla's parent died with her husband she was sentenced or forced to make a promise to spend two years of isolation and solitude mourning, she compromised with the death of a broken heart. Which as previously mentioned she possibly killed the well being of herself through destructive emotions. Shortly after, Munjan died where to next to her. Both motives of death were caused by the irrational feeling of love, of each other. After Layla’s husband died, the reader finds “two more years without her beloved was enough to cause the women to give up on life” (Ahmadzai and Emal 2) This completely proved Layla's desperation. The action of dying in thought of each other is an aspect of love, a prime example of
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