The Protagonist In Despicable Me

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In almost every book and movie there is a protagonist and an antagonist. Without these two characters doing their part, there would be no conflict and fun in the movie or story. In the movie Despicable Me the protagonist would be Gru, the antagonist would be Vector. In a book like Harry Potter the protagonist would be Harry and the antagonist would be Voldemort. There are many other books and movies that include a protagonist and an antagonist. In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, the protagonist is Paul. Paul is caring, respectful and kind. On the other hand there's Erik. He is mischievous, disrespectful and murderous. As you can clearly see Erik is one the the best villains in literary history. While Erik has many horrific traits, one of his worst traits is mischievous. There are many…show more content…
Erik could be the most disrespectful person I ever read about in a book. One of the main examples of Erik being disrespectful is Mike Costello’s death. After Mike Costello got struck by lightning at football practice, everyone was feeling sorry and sad. Not Erik and Arthur. On Tuesday September 5th, the Author states that Erik and Arthur were laughing at Mike when they thought know one was looking. What they did not know was Paul saw them through the window. Here and then I realized that Erik couldn't even respect a classmate that died. That is disrespectful and rude. That example just sums it all up to me. I find laughing at a dead classmate or anyone extremely disrespectful. Now Erik is even more of a villain than I thought. On the other hand Paul is respectful. I know Paul is respectful because when Victor, Tino and his friends tease Paul, he respects them and does nothing back. Also when Mike Costello died, Paul paid his respect. Not like Erik and Arthur. Therefor Erik is a villain because he did all of these bad things. Also Paul is respectful because he never does any bad and always pays his
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