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Good evening and welcome to another episode of Religion and the Arts. Tonight we explore the themes of the Gospel and the way in which these themes are being portrayed in modern art. Jessica Polistena reports. Religion is being greatly transformed by the technological advances of our time. Not only have these developments expanded our religious knowledge, they have also enabled key biblical texts to be illustrated in present-day films. Despicable Me is an animated comedy film in which one of the Beatitudes is defined. The Beatitudes are eight blessings listed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Mathew. Each of them refer to a significant biblical theme and aim to encourage happiness and well-being. "They describe the ideal…show more content…
After Gru loses an argument with Margot and Edith about attending their regular dance class, Agnes gives Gru a ticket to their upcoming dance recital. Agnes isn 't fazed by his aggression and doesn 't hesitate to talk to him. The minions, who although don 't speak a word of English are an irreplaceable part of the film series. As their name suggests, they had been created to do Grus dirty work, however are peacemakers in their own way. The minions have an inherent innocence which is evident throughout the film. They are kind, selfless and willing to help Gru despite his manipulative attitude. When Gru is about to complete his villainous mission, one minion makes sure he doesn 't leave without his ticket to the girls dance recital. This was a modest act which was well received and impacted the story 's ending. It is an animated children 's film, however the morals mentioned in the story are notably relevant in todays society and do reflect a dominant theme in the Gospel. "In peace-making, we are childlike, both in our care for those around us and because we inspire that same behaviour in others, and so we are welcomed into the Father 's house with open arms." Peacemaking isn 't about solving global conflict, it is simply about restoring relationships and being the best person
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