Suicide In Hamlet

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Hamlet, the story of the Prince of Denmark , is discouraged. Having been summoned home to Denmark from school in Germany to go to his dad 's memorial service, he is stunned to discover his mother, the Queen, Gertrude has now remarried. The Queen has married Hamlet 's Uncle Claudius, the dead ruler 's sibling. To Hamlet, the marriage is incest. Throughout the story hamlet is distort and is finding many ways to deal with this news, though the thought of discovering how his father dies is heavily on his mind, he can 't help but to wonder about his life, and his state of being in all of this madness. The famous excerpt from this story would be the monologue performed by Hamlet , titled “To be or Not to be”. In the speech Shakespeare begins with…show more content…
Suicide isn 't something that can be overlooked. It is the third driving reason for death in the youth. Alongside such huge numbers of different things on the planet today, it can be anticipated. Some have lost loved ones to suicide and never got an explanation behind why it happened. There are various hazard factors add to the reason for suicide. There is so much weight put on kids, such as fitting in socially and performing academically that puts them under a huge amount of stress. Real life changes and tormenting can also put self-destructive contemplations into peoples minds. Significant life changes can incorporate divorce , moving, or a death of a loved one.. This places considerations into the those who greif minds that they are at fault. In any case, the most widely recognized factor is despondency. The individuals who have despondency have symptoms of misery or tension may handle it a way that 's not the best. “Understanding stress and learning how to deal with it is extremely important” (Cohen p.165) , not everyone can answer their own thoughts like Hamlet, but every goes through those moments of discouragement and it’s what you do after those moments that count the
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