Despotism In Joothi

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Introduction-Om Prakash Valmiki, a very prestigious name among the writers of Dalit literature. He was born at the village of Barla in Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. He has got his sad demise because of stomach cancer on 17th Nov, 2013. He won laurels for his brilliant autobiographical novel Joothan (1997), which shows his awe-striking struggle from a humble and pathetic background of a ‘Dalit Untouchable’ to becoming an enlightened ‘Dalit author.’ Joothan, originally written in Hindi, this title means ‘scraps of food’ left on the plate meant for throwing into the dustbin for animals but here Valmiki shows how Dalits have been compelled to have that joothan because of their lower caste heredity. Besides writing novel, Valmiki has written many works and all these works have emerged out of the psyche of a Dalit person who himself has witnessed the barbaric tyranny of privileged upper caste people upon poor lower castes folks. But among all these works Joothan(1997) is the magnum opus of Dalit literary canon as it presents the naked and blatant history of the past of poor Dalits community. By taking the incidents from his own life Valmiki not only shares his tragic life but also the discrimination and despotism which Dalit people have faced in their lives. Om Prakash Valmiki, belongs to ‘Valmiki caste’ which has been considered an extremely lower caste in context of Indian communities and because of it he was discriminated and humiliated everywhere. Here he deals with all his
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