Destination Image In Tourism

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2.1 Destination Image
Destination image concept may vary in related academic literature. According to Matos, Mendes, and Valle (2012), image is a set of complex mental impressions and total feelings that a potential tourists hold of a product, place or tourism destination. It is one’s mental representation, feelings and overall perception about a certain destination. Echtner and Ritchie (2003) described destination image as simply "impressions of a place" or "perceptions of an area". For Lopes (2011), Destination Image is one of the most important elements of a tourist destination, and becomes a critical factor for the success or failure of tourism management. A positive destination image perceived by the tourists will yield to a favorable
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as well as those of a psychological nature (motivations, values, personality, lifestyle, etc.). Those personal factors affect the individual’s cognitive organization or evaluations of stimuli and therefore also influence the perceptions of the environment and the resulting image. Demographic variables also strongly influence the image tourists have of tourist destinations (Firmino, Santos & Carneiro, 2006). Beerli & Martín (2004) report that motivation, socio-demographic variables and experience are important factors for forming the image of a tourist destination. Age affects cognitive perception more, and as people get older, the probability to perceive destinations positively increases. Similarly to Mazilu and Mitroi (2010), using education as part of the demographics will be of help because being educated motivates or can be an indication to travel. It was also explained that people with elementary or middle education are motivated to travel for their desire to rest and have fun. Then people with higher education travel with relations to their status, prestige, and self-fulfillment. Using education under demographics will help in easily identifying the motives of the tourists and the image of Tagaytay. From Jonsson and Devonish (2008), age has a major impact on the travel motivation of tourists. They presented that people aged 18 years old and above are significantly influencing the travel motivation. The differences on the age will just provide variations on types of motivation that influences a tourist to
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