Destination Management Research Paper

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1. Introduction Tourism destinations are seen as places, like continent, country, city, village, region, province etc., which are attract visitors for a temporary stay where several companies and/or establishments provide services directly or indirectly to offer entertainment and relaxation. Organizations which are responsible for management and marketing of these destinations defined as Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). To response, increasing international competition and costumer changing expectations depends on developing methods to enhance their performance, continuously renew their tourism products, and update their management strategies. Therefore, authorities of many tourism destinations, notice the management based on…show more content…
In other words, destination management; destination management organizations, policy-planning and development, human resources development and environmental management covers (Dwyer et al., 2000, p.5). Destination destination management and marketing emerges as the concept is sometimes confused with each other (Kozak, 2006, p.45; Buhalis, 2000, 98; Kotler et al., 1999, s.726). Located in the exclusive destinations, each legal or public institutions are managed in the light of the rules and strategies determined by their managers. However, the management of destinations; above people come together for a destination in the success of organizations and institutions are required to establish cooperation and strategies (Kozak, 2006, p.85). Destination management, strategic, organizational and managerial decisions consist of, defining the tourism product consists of promotion and commercialization process (Özdemir, 2008 (a), p.30; Angelo et al., 2004,…show more content…
PPP applications; Parties in cooperation (public and private) investment in risk, is known for sharing responsibility and profits. Although the raison d'être of this cooperation is different, the overall common objective in Kosice; the design of public infrastructure and services, financing, construction, is provided with the appropriate financing facility the best financial resources to ensure the operation and maintenance (Sarisu, 2008, p.4; Köletavitoğlu, 2002,

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