Destination Perception In Tourism

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As result of our interview, there are some similarities and differences between three destination’s image description. We collect the interviewee’s views from four aspects which are shopping, food, accommodation and transportation. Because of the different culture among three destinations, there is some difference images bringing to the tourists. People’s destination perception affected by the communicating method of the destination marketers.

First of all, almost all interviewees though that these destinations have their own local product and better to buy particular brand product. The destinations have their own featured brand and product. According to the result of interview, 8 interviewees’ shopping perception of the three destination are a little bit different. Taiwan’s shopping perception is mainly for snacks and skin care product, Tokyo is mainly for cosmetic, medicine and animation product and Seoul is mainly for cosmetic, skin care product and clothes. The interviewees though Taipei’s local snacks are famous as its destination symbol. They though that if the tourists go to Taiwan, they would buy many specialty products such as pineapple cakes, sun cake and nougat. Taiwan’s skin product also is convenience to buy at Taipei and the price is cheaper than other places. Some interviewees
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Delicious food provided by the destination, the interviewees expected that the destinations have unique food and they are expected to try. Night market have mentioned frequently by the interviewees about Taipei and the food including braised pork rice, oyster omelet and so on. Quality of sushi, ramen and sashimi are the symbolize food of Tokyo towards the interviewees. Otherwise, the interviewees remembered Korea is renowned for fried chicken and spicy food like kimchi. Three destination have their own food culture and especially food, so bringing a different perception to the

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