Destine For A Fall By Perry Boardman Analysis

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In the world of literature, poetry is an excellent medium for expressing thoughts and emotions; poems can possess many meanings and convey complex feelings that books cannot. In the realm of Christianity, many such poems exist and some are quite complex. However, one that illustrates its point clearly is ‘Destine for a Fall’ by Perry Boardman. The poem describes the futility of one’s own work and how the only possession of true value is Christ himself. Through his use of various poetic devices, the speaker warns the reader of worthless self-efforts. Symbolism is one of the avenues used in poems to reveal certain meanings. In this poem symbolism is skillfully used when the author writes, “They build a city with a wall / A kingdom they thought…show more content…
Here the poem uses imagery excellently, for the viewpoint of the reader receives a total paradigm shift. Taking into consideration the dark tone of the poem until now, the change is dramatic and revealing. Almost as if the sun were rising from a dark night or a child was being born, the veil over the reader is lifted and light replaces the darkness clouding them. This shift is due to the outstanding introduction of the son of God at the end of the poem, which spotlights Him as the solution to the proposed problem, so the only way to have light in life is through Jesus Christ.
Everyone can perceive different meanings in literary works. However, in this poem, one recurring theme is obvious. Trusting in one’s own works is a foolish mistake, for to put trust in something that is fallible is not wise, but there is wisdom in putting one’s trust in Christ. If anyone made the mistake of trusting in their own works, Christ will be there to lovingly pick them up from the ashes
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