Destinee: Motivation In The Workplace

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OWNERSHIP Destinee is a motivated worker who takes the initiative to seek innovative and creative ways to improve the workflow for the whole team. Once when coming on shift, Destinee discovered that there were several tasks that hadn’t been completed. She didn’t take the “blame game” as to why the task were not completed. Instead, she took ownership and responsibility for the situation and completed the task before the change of shift. . INTEGRITY She is a true embodiment of UAB’S values regarding integrity. She Sets the high-water mark for integrity and can be counted upon to act honorably in all situations. She will not consider less than honorable behaviors from her co-workers. For example, once when providing instructions to a less experienced employee, Destinee tactfully explained and demonstrated why she did not tolerate short-cuts when it came to providing personal care for her patients. Her co-workers are always appreciative of her ethical values. CARING…show more content…
She not only show compassion for her patient but also her co-workers. She is geniunly concerned as to the sirit and well-being of both patients and coworkers. She is always there to make everyone feel comfortable in any situation. She is extremely respectful of a persons needs, confidentiality and

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